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Date: 17 May 2017 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Honda Motorcycles Southern Africa
Source: Honda Motorcycles Southern Africa
True Adventure. In the coming few months these two words, which aptly describe the new Honda Africa Twin, will take on a whole new meaning in the eyes of every single adventure motorcyclist when Quest-True Adventure is unveiled.

But what is Honda’s Quest-True Adventure? It is the ultimate adventure motorcycling challenge, involving 20 carefully selected riders on 20 specially prepared Honda Africa Twin adventure motorcycles, culminating in a challenging 12 day, 2800 km event in a yet to be disclosed part of Namibia.

Honda opted for Quest as a dedicated marketing platform to perfectly illustrate the ruggedness, refinement and market leading capabilities of the Africa Twin.

People will be able to submit entry applications for Quest at their nearest Honda dealership in South Africa and Namibia, whereafter 40 semi-finalists will be chosen to attend a Boot Camp, or selection phase. Honda’s strategic partner in Quest, is Specialised Adventures, a company with a proud track record of planning and executing extreme competitions of this nature.

“We aren’t looking for enduro racers or the next Dakar winner,” said Hardy de Kock, managing director of Specialised Adventures, “the decision on who will finally participate will be based on contestants’ appetite for adventure, their willingness to learn and adapt, their ability to function in a team environment, as well as their psychological mettle under pressure.”

At the end of the Boot Camp the 20 finalists will be announced. They will then be flown to Namibia at the beginning of September to participate in the much-awaited Quest-True Adventure on 20 specially prepared Honda Africa Twin motorcycles.

While the exact location will remain a secret until the Quest-True Adventure commences, the participants will be evaluated on skills such as their mechanical maintenance and recovery abilities; as well as how they cope with challenges such as observation skills, traversing challenging terrain, endurance riding, navigational exercises and tests designed to test their ability to improvise and adapt to adversity.

More information on the Honda Africa Twin Quest-True Adventure, will shortly appear in the media. Make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to participate in this all-expenses-paid, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!